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PHP / MySQL and other Related Information - click here

Documentation of all PHP versions in English, and other languages as well.
Has a lot of comprehensive examples posted by its members. - click here

The place to contribute, the place to get inspiration ( and scripts ) from.

The largest and most open-minded developer community, which helped
a great deal to define opensource what it is today. Over a hundred thousand
projects are available, and a wide variety of both on and offline applications
are offered for members and non-members alike. You can participate, you
can test and at last but not at least... you can just download a program that
already meets your needs. - click here

The FreeBSD operating system is based on BSD UNIX. But as its name
probably indicates, it is actually free of charge, has a great community
supporting its development, extensive online documentation, and the
power of being easy to install, use, and get help on, when you're lost. - click here

An England based long-timer website that offers many services, but
one of its most popular features is probably what made it so widely
known. You can get uptime statistics, server settings and other
information on any website just by entering its URL, which include
the IP address, the DNS and Operating system of the sites, and more...

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