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PHP / MySQL / other programming
Web programming and custom eCommercesolutions
Membership based B2B community site for grant makers and seekers is the online forum to seek or to make grants for individuals, foundations and businesses. The system was designed to provide an all-inclusive service, membership registration ( for both parties ), internal messaging, grant writrer software ( online word processor ), online payment gateway and more. The system also has a comprehensive back-end panel, to let the staff oversee, edit or delete any user or message.

PHP / MySQL Content Management
Online directories, collections
Online direcotry of WWWWho is Who in Bermuda

Bermuda Media needed to launch a website to support their offline publication of Who is Who in Bermuda, and seeked help from Graphite-Works to realise the plan. The website has been developed to automatically display birthdays, email congratulations, and accept banner advertisements. The system has a comprehesive control panel with which the staff may add / edit or remove a record, or photo. The site has been successful in Bermuda for over three years now because of its straightforwardness and flawless functionality.
Collectibles database and informational center, held by their largest retailer

Toybaron Inc. already had a website by the time Graphite-Works was contacted, but the pages lacked flexibility, consistent design, and most of all, were time consuming to update on a regular basis. Since had generated high traffic as it was, its owner has decided to upgrade the website with a professional look and a professional back-end, letting him administer the ever changing stock, adding more and more descriptions of collectibles, rarities, uploading photos, and guides. He was so pleased with the outcome that he recommended Graphite-Works to Fan Factory Inc., who now have an ongoing project with our team.
Full eCommerce package and community websites is an already established, but rather outdated eCommerce website, which is being redesigned and recoded by our team. Features are to include a convenient and modern shopping cart to make it easier browsing through thousands of publications, and of course our trademark back-end administration panel for the staff to keep track of all activity, and edit nearly every aspect of the website.

Educational websites, online classes
Full feature online classes, registration, administration and grading

KEPA, lead by Mr. Paul Rogers has trusted Graphite-Works with enchancing his website into a fully functional online learning centre. He was already familiar with the quality work our team provides, the website he was seeking to upgrade has been designed by our graphics artists as well.Keeping the look and feel of the original pages, GW has developed a stand-alonesystem, replacing an outdated and strict service provided by a 3rd party. The new features were developed exactly as Mr. Rogers envisioned them, thus allowing hundreds of students to have an ideal environment to study in.

Features included online tests with easy to set questions and scores, student registration, student profiles and grades, online classes, internal messages and notifications, a calendar of events, a full feature back-end admin panel and more... The website was created within the estimated deadline, and has been working flawlessly for the past six months.

Corporate Websites
Professional web presence and graphic design and BSI
Web presence and redesign

The two projects had much in common, both were meant to provide a professional online brochure for their companies, both carried a theme of blue colors, and both were screated from scrath. promotes a business association in Monterey, as part of a nationwide network, while BSI provides security equpment to protect in-store merchandise.
Company information and project upload

Rapid Printers of Monterey is a printing company in California, well known for their quality and fast work. Without a web presence they trusted Graphite-Works in association with Visual Webcasting to create a website that would not only describe their services, and introduce their staff, but would also make it possible to accept entire project, requests for quotes online, automatically. Within only two weeks, the website was operational, and has been working flawlessly ever since.
Combined online presence of both winery , lodge and spa showcases the services and products tied to the brand, Bernardus, the world famous wine from Monterey, California. The website was redesigned, maintained and enchanced by our team, tuning it up with an online reservation intranet ( for the restaurants in the area ), with an updated online order form to serve the wine enthusiasts and retailers alike, and made it compatible for all browsers and resolutions - an important aspect that is usually neglected by other companies.

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