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Budapest Hotel BookingBudapest Hotel The hotel reservation system that
was designed by, and for hotel staff and guests alike

Collaboration project

Technical parameters include dynamic MySql databases, php, and server distribution, planned and executed by SORENSEN Online Agency Ltd, Graphite-Works contributes as a part of the collaboration group that made all of this possible.

A collaboration project of many companies and individuals, produced and coordinated by SORENSEN Online Agency Ltd. It makes use of the flexibility of a self produced back-end, it's a seamless integration of popular css design with the expertise of veteran hotel staff, and is complete with scalable content management to ease the load on all ends of the deal. An easy to use front end allows visitors to browse Budapest Hotels by specifics no other website had allowed in the past, while helping hotel management to keep track of their own room parameters and room availability, all this online of course. Budapest Hotel Booking lets visitors reserve hotel rooms without any transaction of funds, allows hotel staff to review the reservations and guests to review the hotels, lets you browse for accommodation based on the proximity of landmarks and/or facilities, and even features online cancellation. a.k.a. Budapest Fashion
Say "Fashion" in Hungarian. The answer is Divat.

Collaboration project

The local source for fashion, design, and lifestyle news has now been online for more than 18 months, bringing some real life into the dull hierarchy of established brands. Underground designers, retro fashion of the 60s , 70s , 80s, young fashion designers and of course a bow to all the well known and talented stars in the industry

Kertész Violetta, and Hajgató Sára, two young fashion designers, have came up with the idea to disturb the sleepy waters of fashion websites of Europe, and dive into the deep by creating a new one from scrath. Trusting Graphite-Works with the development this more than a year old experimental site is energetic, full of live colors and popular interests, bringing emotions and information that could be found nowhere else on the net.

The site is enchanced with community tools, letting anyone who's interested to have a say in everything. Also, by publishing articles in both English and Hungarian is the place to go for true cosmopolitans.


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