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About Us
An overview of Graphite-Works
The story, the staff

Graphite-Works was founded in 2000 and the company immediately began to stretch its boundaries by becoming a sought out subcontractor development team. At first its main focus was to obtain and deliver flawless functionality for companies that contracted GW with outsourced projects. The team had its own graphic and web designers from the start, and as word spread of its client-satisfaction oriented approach, it was on its way to brand itself as a firm on its own. It is now employing an increasing number of programmers specializing in dynamic database solutions, content management combined with ecommerce applications, and is constantly increasing the capacity of its graphic studio. Graphite-Works is one of the top 20 web design firms in Hungary ( 2003 est. ) even though - or perhaps exaclty because - most of its clients are U.S. and UK based companies..


The Head Staff:

Dr Gyula Feher
gyula ( at ) graphite-works ( dot ) com

Rudolf Major
Lead Programmer



As of 2004, Graphite-Works became the collaboration workgroup of Sorensen Online Agency Ltd.

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